Tango DJ Kim D. Matzen

You can book Kim Matzen as tango DJ for milongas, festivals and marathons.

He got his musical education and degree from the Rythmic Music Conservatory with a major in electric bass.

He is resident DJ at Milonga Tangoteket in Copenhagen since 2011.

And also resident DJ at Drud´s tangofestival both vinter and summer in Randers and Copenhagen since 2011.

“My style of playing is that i´m dedicated to make a good energy and a nice flow on the dancefloor. I put my focus on the dancers and the atmosphere in the room, and with my music I try to control the floor, and inspire the dancers.. That means, that at some venues I play strictly old school and at others it´s more playfull with modern tango, non tango and nuevo. but always with a clear red thread to the backbone in Argentine tango music. There will always be a firm structure with cortinas and tandas” Kim says.

Other venues Kim has played:

Copenhagen Tango Festival 2016

Milonga at The Royal Danish Theatre

New years galla milonga 2016. Tango El Baile

Tango Noche



Fælledparken, (Outdoor milonga)

Tango Zoo, M2Tango


Dansens dag


Private milongas and events.

Please contact us if you want to book TJ Kim for your next tango event.

Tango DJ Kim MAtzen